Monday, December 14, 2009


I am excited to begin this blog, as it is my first, and I look forward to the knowledge and understanding I will gain while blogging!  I decided to make this blog for the purpose of having a voice; it is difficult for a teenager to be heard today without some skepticism - especially Christian teenagers - so I felt led to create a place in which teenagers are heard and their beliefs considered with great importance.  We are the next generation, and what happens now will affect our future; we must have a say in what is happening here and now in order to hope for a prosperous future.  Sometimes, I will post information I have found about various topics in religion, politics, education, or other controversial subjects; at other times I will pose questions that can begin a meaningful discussion.  This is not to necessarily gain answers, but to develop a deeper understanding of the issues our country faces.

But hey, we are teenagers!  We have a life beyond politics and education - a spiritual life that needs constant nourishment.  I hope to be strengthened in my daily walk with Christ, so I will try and post daily (or at least weekly - c'mon, high school seniors have a hectic schedule!) verses of encouragement and reflect briefly on them.  My goal is to provide a place for Christian teens to speak out and grow in knowledge and faith, and only you can help me do that!

Love in Christ always!
Hilary Nelson

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