Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love, Peace, and Isaiah 55 :)

For me to be blessed and at peace, I have only to look to You!  You say to come when I am thirsty and hungry and You will nourish me.  You  will give my soul life - eternal life in You.  I must only seek You, for You have made yourself readily available.  You are Merciful God and pardon my sin, for Christ gave my soul freedom on the cross.  Your ways are perfect, and higher than any other.  Your will is perfect and You will never lead me astray.  Your Word will accomplish what You set out to do, and we are only Your servants, here to do your task, be a light to the world, and dwell peacefully in you.  In You, we find love, peace, and true Joy.  Your world cries Your praises, and We should do the same!  Thorns and briers will become pines and myrtles, and all the sin and torment in the world will melt away with your perfect Glory, forever and always.  Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this nice post!!!

God bless you!!!