Monday, January 11, 2010

The Antichrist?

     A new Youtube sensation has hit the web, causing much controversy and piquing the interest of many.  The video posted under the name “ORIGINAL VIDEO - DID JESUS GIVE US THE NAME OF THE ANTICHRIST?” has received nearly 300,000 veiws in only 3 months.  An anonymous commentator asks, “Did Jesus really reveal the name of the antichrist?  I will report the facts – you can decide.”  He goes on to say that in Luke 10:18, Jesus says he beheld Satan as lightening falling from the heavens.  When translated, lightening is baraq, and the heavens (not in the sense of God’s heaven, but as air or sky) are translated as bamah.  To join these two ideas, a conjunction must be used, and they are often joined by the letter “U” or “O”.   So, in Hebrew, “lightening from heaven” would be translated as “baraq o bamah”, making the entire verse of Luke 10:18, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as baraq o bamah”.  Pretty interesting!  My dad checked this out in Strong’s dictionary, and both words were truly translated as such, so everything else is a matter of whether or not it is coincidence, and what one will make of it.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN that I or the authors believe Obama to be the antichrist, this is simply an interesting video I thought I would share. There are other requirements for the antichrist, however, so this is not in any way a definitive finding. (:

YOUTUBE VIDEO 1, click here!

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