Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

All of our thoughts and prayer are with the survivors of the terrible earthquake in Haiti, for they have lost nearly everything.  We, as Americans, are blessed with the money to be used in such natural catastrophes as that, but the people of Haiti have little money and there is not much medical support (especially since a hospital collapsed in the quake).  They will need every prayer we can lift to God, and many are on their way down to offer help in this time of need.  

Lord,  only You know why this destruction has come upon them, 
and only You can save them both physically and spiritually.
Let us see how truly blessed we are,
and allow us to pass those blessings on in such a time of need,
all in Your precious name.
Let us put aside our busy schedules and our oh-so-important plans,
allow us to realize that there are other things more important in the world.
We do all this in Your name, for Your glory alone.

Love In Christ Always,


running4him said...
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running4him said...

Ya Amen. Licing in Eastern Europe I work with people on a daily basis who do not own a bed, have any way to heat their house, have electricity, etc. Things that e as Americans do not even think about. We are so blessed!!
Africa and Austria huh? That's cool!! I was in Austria a few weeks ago and I am supposed to go again in three days. It's a beautiful country.