Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Haiti: Day 2

Yesterday we finally got to get out in the field and work with the people, but not in construction like we expected - we were in a clinic!  It was a crude but very effective set up; we were in an empty, open concrete building, with two doctors, a missionary intern filling the prescriptions, and a translator, all helping Ashleigh and I find our niche in the fun.
    Before I start getting technical, let me hit where it really matters.  The first thing we noticed about the people was their priorities.  Many of those in the clinic would go claim a spot as early as 4 AM, and we didn't arrive to set up until 8.  They would sit there quietly all day waiting to be seen, though many would not even have a chance to see a doctor, so they will be first Monday.  Everyone was packed together, which in America would undoubtedly cause problems, but no one seemed to mind or even notice.  the children were held by their parents and, aside from the few distended babies, the children were all well behaved.  Women who needed to nurse their babies did so without shame or hesitation, as is similar in most countries other than America.  All of these people simply wanted to be treated for their pains and medical issues, and would wait 12 hours if needed without complaint - yet it is difficult for Americans (including myself) to wait for even 12 minutes. 

Our society is fast-paced and impatient, with fast food and fast cars and fast service. Yet somehow too many people continue to feel like they are missing something - not getting enough.  If we slowed down and took time to find what was important rather than stuffing unnecessary fillers into our lives, we might find that we can finally feel fulfilled.  Looking at these people who have nothing, I have seen that they have everything because they rely on God for every bit of what they have.  If we did the same, we would always have enough.

Love from Haiti,

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Rach said...

i love what you wrote! it's so true. we just go through life wanting everything now, we don't want to wait for it. and when we ask God for something very rarely are we ever patient with Him. i know i'm sure not. we could all ue the patience the people in Haiti have. it's so cool you're getting to witness that! can't wait to hear more about what you're doing!! love ya girl!