Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HAITI: Day 3 :)

Today was the second day of working in the clinic, this time in an outdoor revival structure - and Ashleigh and I are getting better at this medical thing every day!  For starters, the clinic was an answer to prayers, because Ash and I have been praying about whether God wanted us to work medical missions or had other plans, so we have been able to experience the medical aspect.  We both love it!  We are able to communicate with the women (if you call moving eyebrows and gesturing desperately communicating) and hold their babies (most women have 2-5 children when they come to the clinic, and no one ever seems to hold their own baby.  We were always given babies to hold and never knew who the mothers were, so we just continued to pass them along.  It is a wonderful part of the trusting and close community). 
     The children were adorable, which only strengthened the resolve of Ashleigh and I to adopt children from third world countries.  They were sooo precious!  Mike, our 21-year-old Haitian translator who is a blast to be around, taught us some fun phrases to say to the kids:
"Kore m" - pound it (yes, the fist pound is popular everywhere haha)
"ou belle" - you're beautiful/cute/handsome, ect
"Mwen pa pale kreyol" - I do not speak Creole


* The languages spoken are French and Creole

*Creole is an auditory language - the people could not read or write so it is simply how they heard french.  Thus, most words are written as they sound.

*There are no traffic laws, so the roadways can get hectic.  However, most people are considerate and there are few accidents (so far that we have heard of). 

*HILARIOUS: Randal was working construction, and a woman came by, handed him a baby, told him to "keep, have", and left.  He held the baby for about 20 minutes before a boy came back to get the baby GIRL...saying it was his nephew!  I wouldn't be surprised if half the babies in the country are raised by the wrong parents, but they are some of the most loved babies I have ever seen.

Love from haiti,

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