Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Day!

Good Morning!!
In my quiet time every morning i have started going through the book of Ecclesiastes. A great book to study! I have been reading small portion each day and the breaking down what those sections say so i can get a better understand what Solomon was saying. Today i thought what i read and found out was interesting. I'd like to let you see some of the stuff i wrote down about it.The verses i read this morning were from Ecclesiastes 1:12-18.
"King Solomon studied any thing and everything he could. But he found out that knowing so much was meaningless. He was the wisest man who ever walked the earth (besides Jesus). But although he was so wise, it meant nothing to him. He said that the more wisdom you have, the more sadness you will have. And the more knowledge you have, the more grief you will have. (vs. 18) Solomon had a heavy heart cause he was missing the ONE and ONLY thing he would ever need, but didn't have...God."
From this we can learn the the point of being in this world is not to just go to school and learn and then grow up and learn even more stuff. God placed us on this earth to learn and study about Him. To find out who He is, and then accept that as what we believe. Then after we has Him in our hearts and are committed to follow Him, we are to shine His light to all the world. Show the world what God has done for us. Show the world what God has done for them.
I challenge you to start today living you're life as God wants you to, and living it boldly. Show God's light to the world!
God Bless!

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